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In Good Conscience exposes both the beauty and the ugly underbelly of sibling rivalry, relationships, love and forgiveness. Following the acclaim of Brooke’s Promise, In Good Conscience once again challenges the reader’s sense of what is right, ethical, and just.
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Join an average Vermont family through their journeys and struggles as their love is pushed to the test while learning to live with their daughter's disease...
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Janice L. Berliner
Genetic Counselor

Janice has been a board certified genetic counselor for more than 30 years, having earned her Master of Science in Human Genetics/Genetic Counseling from the University of Michigan.

She has written several book chapters, published a number of scholarly articles, and edited a book entitled Ethical Dilemmas in Genetics and Genetic Counseling: Principles through Case Scenarios. Brooke's Promise was her first work of fiction and In Good Conscience is her latest. Janice lives in New Jersey with her husband of 31 years, and has three amazing adult children...


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Review 1
August 02, 2021
Genetic counselor and first time novelist Janice Berliner puts her professional background to good use in her enthralling debut story where medical science intersects with mystery. What starts out as a simple story of a couple struggling to conceive quickly evolves into a multigenerational saga of devastating family secrets. The tension mounts as two mothers are forced to uncover truths that they don’t want to face and discover a past that will have life-altering consequences for them and everyone they love.
Tracy Beckerman, Syndicated Columnist and Author, “Lost in Suburbia: A Momoir”
Review 2
September 03, 2019
As a Genetic Counselor for thirty years, Janice Berliner has had a front row seat to the devastating impact a genetic disorder has on a family. As a novelist, she captures the heartbreak of a family in crisis dealing with long-held secrets, catastrophic health issues, and marital conflicts. Her writing style gracefully captures the emotions swirling through the family as they cope and hope for healing towards a brighter future.
Ruth Benson, BA, MAT
Review 3
August 31, 2019
What seemed like a simple story turned into the unexpected - again and again. Even through the conclusion, you’ll be surprised at the twists and turns. Wonderful, real writing and emotions complement genetic science to make for the perfect rainy day read. Yet hard to put down when the sun comes out! Worth giving this first time, incredibly accomplished science professional a try. Your book club will thank you.
Judy Krandel, CFA / CFO
Review 4
September 08, 2019
An engaging story with unexpected twists and turns. Janice’s writing style includes descriptive details, serious conversations, and humor, giving the characters a believable quality under astonishing circumstances.
Lori Randall
Review 5
September 12, 2019
"A superbly written book ~ I couldn’t put it down. So many twists and turns and interrelated characters. Brooke’s Promise centers around family relationships and overcoming obstacles, reminding us that life is very precious. It made me step back and realize that most problems in life are trivial. I was truly disappointed when I thought I had finished it. Then I discovered the Epilogue, which added yet another layer, and at the very end left me hanging and wanting even more! Anxiously awaiting the sequel!"
Susan Trahan


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