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What Is Genetic Counseling?

Podcast 1

Join Janice Berliner and Dr. Dave Vigerust with Kristin as they discuss the field of Genetics and explain exactly what Genetic Counseling is and why it is invaluable. The field of mental health is in dire need of genetic counselors. Janice discusses her shift from the clinical world of genetics to that of being an educator. We also talk about society's overall lack of understanding, with the advent of commercialized DNA genetics testing kits such as 23andMe, about what genetics testing is...


Episode 1.13 - Janice Berliner

Podcast 2

Covid19 staying-at-home has left many of us hoping to write our first novel. Janice Berliner did it. She finished her first novel well before the current crisis. After a mid-career Cancun inspired revelation, Berliner merged fiction with expertise from her lifelong career in genetic counseling. Berliner joins the podcast to discuss genetics and writing. She offers frank observations emerging from decades of revelations in genetics, science and the work of genetic counseling.


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Janice Berliner
20 January 2020
 I asked some friends recently what they'd like to read about in this blog. One of them answered that she'd like to learn about common genetic conditions like color blindness and heterochromia. Perhaps you've been wondering a...
Janice Berliner
10 December 2019
For anyone who has read Far from the Tree by Andrew Solomon, you know that his premise is that diversity is what unites us all. He explains that individuals from different families who have the same type of trait or condition are ...
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