• In Good Conscience

    Aidan Sheridan
    had it all until...

Aidan Sheridan has it all — the devoted partner, the starring role in a TV series, the gorgeous beach house overlooking the Pacific - when he is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. How is he supposed to face losing all that he has worked so hard to achieve?

The worst part isn’t the betrayal from his body, but from the people who should have been most fiercely protecting him. He loses the love of his life, his private information is leaked for the world to see, and he must face his mortality, just as all the pieces of his life had been falling into place.

Fiona Wood doesn’t see it that way. Yes, she interfered with his privacy, but with the greater goal of saving lives. What were her medical ethics compared with that? As she struggles with the inner turmoil and disciplinary action from the hospital where she works, she forges a delicate bond with Aidan that ultimately redeems them both.

In Good Conscience exposes both the beauty and the ugly underbelly of sibling rivalry, relationships, love and forgiveness. Following the acclaim of Brooke’s Promise, In Good Conscience once again challenges the reader’s sense of what is right, ethical, and just.


Janice Berliner
30 December 2021
For as long as there have been human beings on Earth, there have been conflicts over territory, religion, property, natural resources, who one should love or marry, how to raise children, and innumerable other topics. But perhaps no issue has been as...
Janice Berliner
08 September 2021
Raise your hand if you know what Usher syndrome is. No? Probably not too many people do, but it happens to be the most common cause of hereditary deafblindness. A couple of weeks ago, I had the incredible pleasure and honor of meeting Nancy O'Donnell...