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Coming soon! my second novel, In Good Conscience

In Good Conscience is the story of a talented and famous actor who develops a serious illness, and in the course of his treatment is betrayed by the people he trusted. He loses the love of his life, his private information is leaked for the world to see, and he must face his mortality much sooner than he ever would have thought. Meanwhile, one of the nurses where he is being treated grapples over whether to reveal what she knows about him. Doing so could save lives, but would go against everything she was ever taught about nursing ethics. As she struggles with the inner turmoil and her guilt, the two of them forge a delicate relationship that ultimately redeems them both.

Work-Life Balance
What if gene editing veers from being therapeutic ...

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Janice Berliner
08 September 2021
Raise your hand if you know what Usher syndrome is. No? Probably not too many people do, but it happens to be the most common cause of hereditary deafblindness. A couple of weeks ago, I had the incredible pleasure and honor of meeting Nancy O'Donnell...
Janice Berliner
14 August 2021
Finding your work-life balance If you're anything like me, you're having trouble with work-life balance. Technology makes us accessible around the clock, and a pandemic leading to many of us working from home means we never go home from work. The des...