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Janice Berliner
22 November 2019
Eating healthy, exercising, and not smoking is good for all of us. It's probably hard to find many people who don't know that. But what most people may not realize is that our family histories can be strong influences on disease r...
Janice Berliner
15 November 2019
The Genetics of Psychiatric Disorders….Such as We Know ThemHave you ever noticed that many things run in families? Whether it's heart disease, arthritis or red hair, it is often fairly simple to trace the lines of inheritance thro...
Janice Berliner
17 September 2019
It can be confusing to say that cancer is genetic but also that most of the time it is not hereditary. It is genetic in the sense that it involves our genes, but most of the time there are gene changes that occur long after we are...
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